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Jan 01, 2016 Actual State System

Jan 14, 2015 When is not an Object

Aug 24, 2014 Expressing the Liar Paradox in Ruby?


Tadaku - Home cooking lesson service

Tokyo Startup Circle - Up to 7 people meet over coffee every other Saturday to talk about startups

Bootstrap Snippets - Twitter Bootstrap markup snippets for Vim snipMate



Lecture 1: Dustin Moskovitz “Why to Start a Startup” Notes

Lectures 1+2: Sam Altman “Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution” Notes

Lecture 3: Paul Graham “Counterintuitive Parts of Startups, and How to Have Ideas” Notes

Lecture 4: Adora Cheung “Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing” Notes

Lecture 5: Peter Thiel “Business Strategy and Monopoly Theory” Notes

Startup Checklist


Transcript: Lecture 1 - How to Start a Startup

Transcript: Paul Graham in Conversation with Nathan Blecharczyk